Official component database
Here you can fill in the list of components that compose your audio system, in order to know the value valid for the categories with price limit in the SQC-Club competitions.

By selecting the brands or the components category you can view all the products already present in the database, add to your list what interests you. 
Refer to the official SQC-Club rulebook to know which components must be counted.

Once you have selected all the products you are interested in, confirm the configuration.

Now you have to enter your personal and vehicle data, save the configuration and press "Send".

Add any comments and / or requests.

You should now receive a PDF file via e-mail to be printed and shown when registering a category with a price limit, in the SQC-Club championship.

If the component is not present in the database you can contact your national association sending the latest official list (please note that, according to the rulebook, are admitted to the categories with price limit only products whose last official price list, is not older than 5 years).

It will be the responsibility of the national association to verify the presented price list and, if validated, send a request to the international secretariat to add the product to the official database.